We’re looking for a Customer Care Fairy who loves an empty inbox!


My name is Sabina Defta, the founder of All About Parenting Azerbaijan and if you are a resourceful Customer Care fairy who speaks Russian, Azerbaijani and English, wants to contribute to a new generation of parents who raise their children differently and you long to join an international team that organises weekly parenting webinars, then this message is for you!

Here is what I want to talk to you about:

The type of Customer Care Fairy we’re looking for and how you can contribute to changing a new generation of parents and maybe more

Who you will be working with and why it’s so great to work in our team

Our back story and long-term objectives

Why you SHOULDN’T apply to work with us

And, last but not least, if all this sounds good to you, how to apply and what the next steps will be.

1. The type of Customer Care Fairy we’re looking for and how you can contribute to changing a new generation of parents and maybe more.

Imagine the following scenario… Your job is… HELPING PEOPLE.

Here is an example: There’s a free seminar being held where an experienced trainer teaches parents how to raise their children without punishing them.

You answer any emails and phone calls promptly. You may have hundreds of requests a day, sometimes. These hundreds of people are parents.

Some of them will get to the seminar because you… gave them the information that they needed.

Someone, a mum or dad, will raise their child better from now on. That same child will never know that you exist. But we will know that YOU are THEIR GOOD FAIRY!

If you want to put your talents into MEANINGFUL work, DEVELOP your skills like never before and be APPRECIATED for the effort you put in, then read on for the expectations we have of you.

you can speak and write Russian and Azerbaijani well;

you have a good level of English;

you can type very quickly;

you are empathetic but assertive when communicating with parents;

you work in a neat, orderly and organised way;

you offer technical support to people who don’t know how to use our online platform;

you answer phone calls and emails as quickly as possible, because we’re in the century of speed;

you pay attention to details, but you’re also quick;

you send out customer parcels and gifts by express courier or mail;

you solve customer problems and help transform their grumbles into gratitude;

your work means that at least one customer a week is going to say “wow” after speaking to you.

What we want from you is that you get things done – maybe they look like little things, like writing some text or a phone call to a client, but they are things we can’t do without and which, when they are not done, bring very big projects to a standstill.

2. Who you will be working with and why it’s so great to work in our team

You can work from home (wherever you are), so long as you join the daily online meetings and work directly with me and my team.

Your team leader and the person you’ll work most closely with is Ștefan Irimia. He’s an expert in internet marketing and co-founder of All About Parenting.

Fourteen years ago, he created the Media Kinder comic, which has sold tens of thousands of copies. He was the first in Romania to run courses on how to do business online and, in 2019, had the best-selling book on Marketing and Sales on Amazon.

And so, if you like to get things done, we’re sure you’ll get on well with Ștefan and the rest of the team.

(All About Parenting team at the last Zoom meeting, Sept. 2020)

The way we do things in our team…

… is to meet up every 3 months and celebrate our recent successes, analyse the last 90 days and set objectives for the next quarter so that we can reach even more parents and help even more children. 

Then every team, including yours, has a daily morning meeting to set out the priorities and ensure that things are going in the right direction.

These are the only things that are set in stone for us, as a team. The rest of the time, we all organise our time as we want, provided we achieve results. You’re not going to be taking part in stupid meetings at 9 pm, no-one is going to be calling on you to work on your day off when you just want to relax with your family and you don’t have a boss, only colleagues and partners. People in our team work independently and assume their responsibilities.

3. Our back story and long-term objectives

I was born in Russia, grew up in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and studied in the US and Romania. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot and see many cultures, but my heart still belongs to Azerbaijan.

Together with my husband, we have 3 children – 2 boys (11 and 8) and a girl (5). And when I’m on my own with them, people have often commented that they can’t believe I have children that age. In particular, passport officers at the airport think I am their “big sister” until they check my documents.

It was a challenge to raise my children without any grandparents around and there was no nanny to help while I held down a busy role in a multinational company (where I worked for 14 years).

I became pretty familiar with the realities of being a mum who has to share her time between children, career and being a wife and friend. Since becoming a mum, I’ve had a lot, in fact, a hell of a lot of anxious moments.

They lead me to question and learn more about my children’s behaviour and, at the same time, about my own. I wanted to know what psychologists had to say, be up to date with the latest research in the field and check what life had already taught me about the parent-child relationship.

This is how I discovered the All About Parenting method. It’s the only method in the world that explains the latest research in motivational science – as taught at leading universities such as Harvard and Cambridge – about parental language, with everyday real-life examples.

I quickly realised that this was my mission and that parenting was going to become more than a job; it would be a vocation. In a short space of time, my mission took shape: to reach as many parents in Azerbaijan as possible. I wanted to help them and give them valuable and effective information so that they could have well-balanced relationships with their children and raise them to be responsible. That way, tomorrow’s world will be better than today’s.

I received international certification from All About Parenting and took up the role of Lead Trainer for Azerbaijan, filming the programme in Russian for the first time.

The programme is called All About Parenting and contains about 30 short videos per month over a total of 10 months. It’s like a master’s degree in the relationships that have the biggest effect on us: the ones between parents and children.

If a parent spends approximately 15 minutes a day on this programme, it’s like a liner that shifts its heading by one degree each day as it crosses the Atlantic. It might not feel like much and you can’t see it… but it will be the difference between landing at the Sahara or in Lisbon.

As I write these words to you, it’s 2021 and we’re in uncertain times. Very uncertain.

But I believe the world will be back on track within a few years and all these problems will be behind us. However, the relationships with our children are not something to forget about and they’ll remember how you spoke to them, if you were close or distant and all that you did for them.

Regardless of the times we live in, I believe we cannot neglect the relationship we have with our children. And regardless of the times we live in, we’ve got big plans.

Ten years from now, we want 140,000 parents in Azerbaijan to have seen at least one parenting programme because, if we succeed in doing this, our country and our children will look totally different!

We want the next generation of adults to be raised on high self-esteem, not shame. Children are a great gift in life, but we have a responsibility to raise them well. This is why we want to change the mentality that you can’t learn to become a better parent. 

In Azerbaijan, a high percentage of children are still beaten at home. And many children have very low self-esteem. We’re still not taking enough ownership of this, for ourselves or before others.

Therefore, we want to make parents in Azerbaijan (and elsewhere) feel that learning about the parent-child relationship (parenting) is as normal as taking driving lessons before getting behind the wheel.

My learning began when my children came into the world. But this is no longer about me; it’s about a method that I discovered and brought to Azerbaijan and how it can help as many families as possible.

It has become about your child, and all the children of parents in Azerbaijan, and beyond.

This is why we need you. To do the things that seem small, but which have an effect on very big projects and, as a result, the lives of parents and children.


But we don’t want to waste your time and ours and we want to make sure that you really understand what type of person we’re looking for. 

We’re seeking a resourceful person who is happy in a Customer Care role.

4. So, DO NOT apply if

you can’t write Russian and Azerbaijani correctly;

you can’t get by in English;

you don’t like speaking on the phone;

you don’t have good diction and a clear voice;

you can’t type quickly;

mistakes in written texts don’t jump out at you, to the point that you can’t help but correct them;

you don’t know how to create a Gmail account or to erase your browser history;

you don’t like teamwork or working with other people;

you’re not a fast learner and you don’t like unexpected situations or new duties that, in the beginning, you don’t know how to handle and need to find solutions to by yourself.

And now, if you’re still with me…

…and you’ve ticked all the boxes for what we’re looking for and you want to contribute to a new generation of parents who are raising their children differently, here’s what you have to do to apply:

 1) Click on the link below and fill out the form

2) If everything looks good, we’ll move to the next step, where we’ll have more detailed questions

2) If everything still looks good to us, then we’ll move to the final step – where we get to know each other

4) If absolutely everything is in order, we’re certain we’ll reach an agreement over remuneration. We want us all to be on the same page so we can work together.

So, if you tick all of the boxes we mentioned, I invite you to apply because I’m eager to meet you!

P.S. Se oferă recompensă! :))

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